10 reasons why morning intimate is always the best

10 reasons why morning intimate is always the best

Do you know that having sex in the morning wakes us up more than a cold shower and two cups of coffee? intimate also improves our mood and stimulates our immune defenses.

Morning intimate improves health. Many sexologists and doctors report the many benefits that this morning meeting under the sheets can bring to our emotional and physical well-being.

We regularly advise you to start the day with a good breakfast … How about accompanying him with early intimate? To convince you, we will give you 10 good reasons!

1. This is the best way to start the day

You should know that it is very common for men to have a morning erection.

It is also known as nocturnal penile tumescence or spontaneous erection, and it is a physiological phenomenon that is most noticeable in the morning.

This is due to a relaxation of the musculature of the cavernous bodies and arteries of the inside of the limb and improves blood circulation and oxygenation.

During this election, the member increases in volume and hardens to promote the health of the penis.

So, why not take advantage of what biology naturally offers in the morning?

This is definitely the best way to start the day!

Thus, we relax tension and stress and strengthen the bond that binds us to our partner.

2. We will remember it smiling

Morning intimate allows us to start the day in the most intense way and will accompany us in a positive and motivating way throughout the day.

3. It’s better than vitamins

This morning meeting between the sheets produces an authentic vitamin cocktail for our organization: 

  • It stimulates our natural defenses.
  • This improves the blood circulation.
  • This increases our endorphins, the hormones of happiness and tranquility. 
  • It gives us emotional strength because we feel loved, recognized and desired.
  • This effectively combats depressions.

4. We can miss the sports class

my love i miss you
my love i miss you

Although this data surprise you, according to a study conducted by the University of Quebec (Canada), one hour of sexual intercourse is equivalent to half an hour of exercise at the gym.

  • We can burn between 180 and 240 calories.
  • If we get used to each other every morning, we will succeed in improving our physical and emotional health, but also in losing weight.

5. If we are already almost undressed … why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Are you one of the people who sleep in warm pajamas and cover themselves completely?

It’s not necessary! Remember that the best is to sleep naked, without clothes. 

Thus, we will take advantage of this intense body heat, and we will leave aside any artifice too much to promote the intimate union with the person we love. You agree?

6. This is the most intimate and magical moment of the day

illustration torque-500x351

You are not yet well awake, you have not yet opened your eyes and the first thing you see is your partner. You smell the smell, the tact of his skin and his hair.

There is no need for words, at this moment there are neither worries nor pressures. 

Morning intimate is the first sigh of the morning, it is an intimate hug halfway between dreams and reality, it is worth the experiment.

7. An affirmation of our relationship

It may be that the previous night we went to bed with doubts and worries, a little argument or disagreement.

We sleep badly and yet we wake up side by side and we end up kissing each other.

Nothing matters more than this moment because everything else is forgotten.

It’s the perfect way to show all our love to our partner. 

8. Better than coffee, it is the healthiest addiction and with recommended side effects

Did you doubt it? The morning intimate is much better to wake you up than two cups of coffee and a cold shower.

In addition, its benefits and side effects are so positive that you can repeat them as many times as you want.

It is the healthiest addiction and is recommended for your heart, your body, and your brain.

9. The best beauty remedy


When we say that intimate rejuvenates and makes us more beautiful, it is not a myth! Consider these data:

  • Orgasm raises the level of estrogen in our body. 
  • This hormonal increase strengthens our hair, makes the skin firmer and improves blood circulation.
  • S3x makes us feel loved, desired and improves our self-confidence.
    Happiness is the best treatment for our outdoor beauty. 

10. Goodbye to complexes

Morning sex allows us to see each other face to face, with the light of dawn, so natural, and we have neither fears nor complexes.

The night has its mysteries, no doubt, but the light of day allows us to see without any shame because it is purer and more beautiful.

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