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Adobe hacked by unknown hackers

Adobe hacked by unknown hackers and millions of customer's data were compromised.
Adobe hacked by unknown hackers and millions of customer’s data were compromised.
Adobe brand is famous for its best product illustrator, Photoshop , flash player , firework and Dreamweaver etc type of world famous software .
From the latest news we heard that adobe’s 3 millions of customers data, which included debit card, credit card information and many adobe product key were stolen by unknown hackers.
Adobe hackers have removed encrypted data of customers and adobe.  How were they are failed to remove decrypted information of adobe and customers  as source said.
This is a biggest story of this year where hackers attacked on a big website and stolen a wide range of data from a Royal website ADOBE.
How ever they are contacting their customers and telling them to reset their passwords .
Adobe contacted with federal law enforcement for pursuing this incident and they are taking every step to prevent miss use of their customers data .
What is hacker? what they do?
Ans:- “Hackers are those who try to access without permission into any system or account are called hacker .” 
 Hacker’s are of two types the one who hacked for the shake of people, they are called white hat hacker , and other one who hacked for them self and  test their skill are called black hat hacker.
 Hacker’s have great command on programming . They have good command on a particular Programming .
These type of incidents are increasing day by day which creates a problem not only for the company but also for customers.

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