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How to change ROOT password via putty ssh


How to change ROOT password via putty ssh
How to change ROOT password via putty ssh

hello bolggertale lovers,

Here i am coming with a new article related with server.

How to change ROOT password via putty/ssh?

Many people don’t know how to change root password via ssh or putty.
It’s very simple task  and first of all you need to login in your account with root
after that in first session without do any work enter

# passwd

(# <= remove this then paste command)

By above command you can change your root password.

Just enter it and then press ENTER..

After press enter you will see Unix change your password then simple

Enter some Strong password like Upper case,lower case words and some numerical and
Special character.

Now you will see Your master password for your server successfully changed.


1:- Enter the command in first session for security.

2:- Use strong password by special character and upper or lower case words.

3:- Always remember your password don’t share or write the password any where.

Be secure , Be safe….. 🙂

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