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Facebook social media is boss
Facebook social media is boss


Now a days, Facebook social media has become the ultimate king of traffic for all types of websites and blogs. Google ranking and other factors also depend on social media websites such as the ‘Facebook’.It is now  getting more and more plus point in the mind of SEO masters. By each passing day, this social network is garnering high user popularity in the world amongst people of all ages and genders.It has now become an integral part of everyone’s day-to-day life. People are getting most updated about the news and events taking place around the world through Facebook easily.

Even though there existed many popular social networking sites,most popular being ‘The ” orkut  ” Facebook social network acquired popularity really soon. It provided facilities not only for chatting but also for posting pics,videos,having video chat with friends and families around the globe. The newest feature-‘Timeline’ arranges the posts and pictures according to the date and year and lets the users visit them and recollect the old memories.Facebook has become a common place for people of all castes and creed to interact with each other without any discrimination of color,social status or gender.


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