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FFMPEG Auto Installer

FFMPEG auto installer For Kloxo


ffmpeg auto installer
ffmpeg auto installer

Here bloggertale come with a latest tutorial and self tested.

My friend MR. Kuldeep Verma made a ffmpeg package installer.
Where newbie or any person can install ffmpeg on there server without fear.
He has correct the or error while installing the ffmpeg. Many user already know
that what kind of error they get while installing the ffmpeg on there server.

Now no more error or fear to install FFMPEG. Here is the FFMPEG auto installer it installs FFmpeg, FFmpeg-php, Mplayer, Mencoder.

– Tested at CentOS6 with php54 | CentOS6 with php53 | Centos5.10(final) php52

Its a global installer.

sh ./ffmpeg.yeskullu

Just you need to enter this command via ssh (root).

it will ask for yes to install just write yes and then enter.

All done in few minuts ffmpeg will install. You can make little change for
all it done by auto

chnage this command
sh ./ffmpeg.yeskullu to sh ./ffmpeg.yeskullu -y

by adding -y it will accept all the thing by it self.

You are going good and have install FFmpeg on your server. 🙂 FFMPEG php extension has been added.
if you find any issue or bug reply here we will try to fix it..

This ffmpeg auto installer tested by myself and MR . MRatwork owner . So don’t worry about anything. We all are developer and self tester. Before posting this article we have tested this on our all server. The above one screenshot is captured from our own dedicated server. 🙂

Thanks for reading our ffmpeg auto installer tutorial.

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  1. PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ‘/usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20100525/’

  2. Hello php 5.4.26 having problem with ffmpeg. try to install it on php5.3 if you are using cpanel then you can do it by easyapache.
    and before doing all this check is GD installed on your server.
    and before installing on php5.3 rm rf the current installation of ffmpeg installation.
    by locate ffmpeg command. Reply here i will try to provide you ffmpeg for php5.4

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