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How to earn online

Every person thinks that they can earn only from doing a physical job of going office and all.
Here will tell you how to earn online?

It’s very simple to earn from online. You just need dedication and knowledge about specific topics.
Now a day’s blogging trends are going on. Everyone is aware of it. Many times you search many terms about topics
then you find some link in the search engine. At there you got the brief knowledge about those topics that are called the article and from where you get these it called a website as well as a blog.

For example:

You have good knowledge of food.
Then you can start a Blog and write the article in the recipe. After 10 or 30 posts. Maybe you will get some traffic from the search engine like Google one of the gait search engine.  Then apply for Adsense. If it gets approve hurry. Just put the codes on your website.

Now the main thing comes. Most of the people don’t have knowledge about the blog and all techie things. Don’t worry about it.

There are lots of free service and script provided by the known company Google Blogspot , WordPress. These two are the most preferred Blog script or software.

You just need to register there for your mail id that’s it. Then just follow there instruction.

1:- Before starting the Blog. The thing about your strong topic.
2:- Thing best name for your blog or website.
3:- Online earning is simple but need time and dedication.
4:- Trust in your self.
5:- When you write a single article Never forget to Share it with your friends on facebook, google plus, twitter,
digg and other social media for promotion.
Promotion is the main factor of traffic. It will establish your brand name.

Thank you so much for reading my article. Please do share your view with us. and share our article with your friends.

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