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How to make an effective paragraph writing

How to make an effective paragraph writing.

How to make an effective paragraph writing
How to make an effective paragraph writing.

First of all decide the HEADING of your paragraph , article , essay . Keep in mind that it should be in capital letters and should be at the center.  Always choose a good effective heading which is related to you topic and easy to understand. Now after that first you should divide the topic into three parts that is cause, effect and suggestion. In the first part that is CAUSE, you should write all the causes related to the topic . For example you have the topic of pollution. Here you need to write all the factors related to increase in the pollution like increasing cars, the black smoke from the factories, factories dump all the waste products in the water which leads to water pollution etc. Now change your paragraph. In this paragraph you should write the EFFECTS related to the topic. For example same in the topic of pollution you can write effects of pollution like it leads to illness of health of people living near to the factories, they became dump by the voice of the factories also it can effect the aquatic life etc. Now in the last paragraph you should write all the SUGGESTION you can give to solve the issue. You should write all the corrective measures to be taken to solve the problem. For example how can you deal with the problems of pollution like there should be penalty on factories if they dump the waste products in the river, people should use more public transport than personal transport etc. After finished writing of an article , essay and paragraph , you should highlight main point which are important for reader. and in suggestion write or mention only important things. By such steps you can make your effective paragraph writing. [wpsr_plusone][wpsr_pinterest]

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