if its not forever its not love review

if its not forever its not love review.

if its not forever its not love review
if its not forever its not love review

Its a story about four people -Shrey, Deb, tiya and Avantika.Even though Deb n Tiya are in a live-in relationship,Tiya is also dating a guy called Shrey . This story is related to a diary which Deb finds after the Chandni Chowk bomb blast . That diary belonged to a guy called RK.

In that diary, RK writes everything related to his love Ragini. He used to follow Ragini everywhere to the bus stop, college , residential area. But one day finally they became friends n started going together to college. RK had strong feelings for Ragini so he used to listen to her and he loved spending time with her.

Here Deb gets very touched after reading the diary n decides to find Ragini out n tell her all what RK had in his heart for her. Meanwhile, Avantika had to go for a projectwork for around a week … n Shrey n Deb here decide to go for a road trip. Deb decides to go to Dehradun because in diary it was written that RK’s friend Piyush ( Pappu ) had won prize for being the all rounder of the school. As soon as they reach the motel, Deb rushes to RK’ s school to find out about Pappu . He gets his address n meets him. He was a long handsome person in white shirt with pointed shoes. As Deb meets him m narrates him the whole story… tears scrolls down Pappu’s cheeks. Pappu tells him that R stands for Ritam. Pappu feels sorry for Ritam and regrets for what and all he did to him.

Now they plan up to meet Nivedita who is Ritam’s siste who is in asylum. She happens to be sweet and very careful.

Nivedita is the one with whom Ritam always used to share his feelings and she used to  smile listening to him. Now Avantika, Deb , Tiya and Shrey go to the asylum but before entering they need to write down their names  in the register. As they go through the diary,they notice that Ritam used to go there  every 15 days.. The word boy comes and tells about the condition of people like Nivedita. He tells them that these people only need love and then only the medicines show their effect. Avantika talks about Ragini infront of Nivedita and she smiles. Now they have to find out Ragini for Nivedita.

Further they now decide to meet Sumi. Sumi was Piyush’s girlfriend. But she loved Ritam . Later she becomes Ritam’s girlfriend but things didnt work out between them so they brokeup.When at that time in the motel, Shrey and Tiya were making out love, the police arrives. Tiya was now of 18 years but the police wishes to inform her parents about the stuff going on. But then at the crucial moment, Deb enters and he handles the situation by introducing himself as from press.

The very next day they meet up Sumi. As she comes to know about Ritam’s fate,she cries very badly. They ask her if she knew anything about Ragini but she denies knowing anything about her. But before a month Ritam had contacted her from the landline n she had that number. Tiya notes it down.

Now Ritam and Ragini have become good friends and they spend alot of time with each other. Ragini  was in a relationship before and had become pregnantt. She tells that no one was there to help her except her one friend that’s is Nigel. Nigel let her abort and now days he is living in Bangalore There was a internship in a company in Bangalore , for Ragini was very excited to go. But her parents kept a condition that if any person from her college will be going only then she will be permitted to go. Ragini succeeded in convincing Ritam n they to  wentBangalore for 2 months. Ritam didnt like nigel just because he is the one who will be taking Ragini away from him. Ragini used to spend time with Nigel n Ritam was hating it. She used to drink and take drugs because Nigel wanted her to do so. Ritam warned her many times not to get involved with Nigel but she didnt listen to him. Frustrated, Ritam called up Sumi from his place.

After some days Ragini was to be sent to the rehab for removing the habit of drugs. But Nigel did not bother to join her. After some time,Ragini  recovered from the addiction but  she couldn’t face Ritam anymore . She requested him not to contact her any more n stay away from her. Because by seeing Ritam she regrets her decision. So she wanted him not to come in front of her.

Now these  four,rushed to meet Nigel in the asylum. He was so thin and sick.

They Ask everything from Nigel. As they asked him about Ritam and he gives them a positive response. They tell him that Ritam is no more so he feels very bad for him n blames him self for the cause. He admits that he if would have not been in between the both, Ritam and Ragini would have been together today. He cries for his mistake and tells them that he received a card which was sent by Ragini to him some months ago. They take the envelope and found the address of Mumbai.

Now finally they reach Mumbai to that address. As they reach there ,they knock the door and maid open the door and ask them to whom do they want to meet. As they say Ragini, the maid let them in the house after a while a long person appears infront of them and introduces himself as Ritam.  All of them areshocked and hands over the diary to him. He tells them that’s he had sent that dairy to Ragini a few days before, listening to this Ritam is almost  in tears but Avantika consoles him that it is not necessary she might be dead. It can be that she might be alive.

Ritam wants to meet her sister but then When he reaches there he comes to know that she is no more.  Ritam gets totally depressed and leaves the wish to live his life further.

The four of them return to their place Delhi. And after two months Deb receives a courier stating ” fifth the last note ” in which he writes that he is finishing his life. He doesn’t have any aim to live.

Deb keeps on contacting on  Ritam . But it was switched off. After a while the phone of Deb rings up and it was Ritam. He says that he is fine and in Delhi n also tells him that Ragini is alive and gives them the address to meet her. They all rush there n as they enter the house of Ragini, they find Ritam there n he introduces them to Ragini. Ragini was fully burnt but still Ritam’ s love was not a bit less for her. He still loves her alot and the same way. The love is fully in air and that is way it is said ” if its not forever…. its not love ”

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if its not forever its not love review.

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