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How to increase google plus followers and increase traffic?


How to increase google plus followers and increase traffic?

Now a days social media is hike up and the most popular social media are facebook , twitter and google plus.
But now a days we are hearing some new websites which are pinterest instagram. where people can share photos/images
to a board. Mostly bloggers promote their link to facebook and twitter but bloggers and other website owner shouldn’t
forget about google plus. As i think google plus can never be half as facebook and twitter. It will take few minuts
to publish your link on google plus.

How to Increase Google Plus Followers?

Complete your G+ profile

Google plus sharing is a smart way to connect with people and make your reputation toward google search. Make your search more visible to people.

1:- More over Google plus shares can improve your search engine indexing.
In google plus first complete your profile and link your website to your account. By this process your each sharing link or topic will connect to your google plus profile.

Follow other people

2:- Now Time for follow people, Follow those people who are sharing same topic which you are
share on google plus. Because of this people will follow you back. and Your post will also reach to them. More follower mean
more traffic.

Add a Google Plus badge

3:- Add the google plus followers button with twitter and facebook like so that people can follow you there.

Conclusion :-

Follow this simple tips and tricks this will help to increase your follower as well as traffic and
search result. Help people and they will help you back ūüôā .If you have any suggestion please share with us.
It will help us as well as other user too.

Thanks for reading our article. It’s your love and care which give us hope to write new things.

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