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location of kloxo logs file

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location of kloxo logs file
location of kloxo logs file

Seems many people don’t know the location of  logs file. Many time experts asked about the log file but people unable to provide it.
If you provide exact log file to experts they can help you out. So now i am providing the all location of log file according to kloxo.

When we have a problem that something does not work as it should, first we need to do a research or our own !!
We can try to restart the service of the failed deamon manually

they are located inside the “/etc/init.d/” folder

with their names and if there is a problem we post the output on the forum for others to view!
We are looking the log files of our system they are all located at

“/var/log/” folder or inside sub folder’s

if we noticed something strange we ask the community about that !!
We are looking also the kloxo specific log files that are located

“usr/local/lxlabs/kloxo/log/” folder

and even some time’s the php error log are created on the

“/usr/local/lxlabs/ext/” folder

Round cube is served separately from the domains and it’s logs are likely to be found somewhere under


if I use lighttpd, my logs are here:


But you can set round cube to do extensive log for itself, roundcubes logs can be found under the roundcube install directory, just like it’s config files:


this is not really kloxo specific, so do some googling on RC’s log configuration.Also check your domain php error log ,which should be somewhere here:


(where YOURCLIENT is the client you have in kloxo, like ‘admin’ or a reseller’s name.)

The actual webserver error log is somewhere here:


after that we are posting those information on the forum here for others to contribute and help, also catalogued them and maybe sometimes are helpful for bug fixing

I hope that information is helpful if i remember anything more i will edit accordingly !!

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