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Love of Parents

Love of Parents?



Parents are the first ones to teach their children how to talk how to behave. A new born baby is just like a cluster of sand from which you have to make a pot. Whatever u will teach him from his childhood, that all he will learn. A child can forget everything but he cannot forget his basic education with what he is brought up.

As a potter while making the pot beats it, some times he praises it. He does everything to make it the best. Same is with the parents, they do all efforts to make their child the best. Parents become very happy when they see their child becoming a successful person. They spend their whole life just for making their child a successful person.

Respect and honour your parents
Respect and honor your parents

When the child grows up he also should do the same. He should take care of his parents when he grows up because its his responsibility. One should always respect their parents because we cannot ever understand what all our parents have gone through to make us a responsible citizen.

parents scold
parents scold

When we were small we did numerous mistakes and our parents corrected us and forgave us and taught us new lessons of life.

Always Love your parents and give them respect. ūüôā They deserve it…..

 Love your parents and give them respect
Love your parents and give them respect

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