what are the chief requirement for good and effective writing

  The chief requirement for good and effective writing.

good and effective writing
good and effective writing

Keep reading newspapers and magazines regularly so that you keep yourself updated with the latest events and upcoming across the globe.

Such information could be used while writing.  If you have enough idea about the  topic, then only you can
Give complete and detailed Knowledge to the readers. Writing is an art. By writing you can share
your love, care and knowledge to the world and to whom who is near to you.

  The requirement for good and effective writing

  1. Ability to write grammatically correct sentences.
  2. Ability to think.
  3. Extensive reading and knowledge.
  4. Ability to present thought logically and coherently.
  5. Extensive vocabulary.
  6. Master of language.
  7. Don’t make a long sentence. It can spoil meaning of the sentence and can confuse the reader.


There are lots of things to learn. But These are a basic requirement for writing. Because one wrong
the world can spoil whole meaning of your sentence.

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