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How to Resolve Forbidden Error Message When Opening a Directory in Kloxo


Kloxo is a free panel. Kloxo has disabled many system for security like directory hxxp:// etc folder can’t
open direct. To open these directory you have to change some setting through your control panel.

Here we come with full tutorial. Where you can enable open directory.

If you happen to encounter this forbidden error message when you tried to open a particular directory, all you have to do is to enable your directory index.

Below is the tutorial

*** this is for kloxo control panel***.


1. Login to kloxo.

2. Go to DOMAIN.

3. Look for WEB: APACHE group –> click INDEX MANAGER

You will see this message:

Enabling directory index will allow you to browse the directories of your domain via the webserver. If directory index is disabled, and if an file is not found inside the directory. A forbidden error message will be raised.

4. Tick the box that says ENABLE DIRECTORY INDEX.

5. Click UPDATE.

All Done Now You can Access you folder directly by web Browser.

And Forbidden Error Message Gone Away Now Enjoy.

Its great to provide you clean and a complete tutorial About the forbidden directory error.
If we missed something please let us know. It will help us and other user.

Conclusion :-

1:- Its not a good idea to open a directory. because every one can read or see your content.
2:- In every open directory fix this permission if you want to hide content from other chowd 0755
3:- You can create a index.html file to hide the content under any directory.
4:- This tutorial can be use for auto index type script. where we have to give permission to script. To read
and show the content of the directory.

These all step 100 % Resolve Forbidden Error Message When Opening a Directory in Kloxo.

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