What is Google Image Mismatch penalty


how to fix Google Image Mismatch penalty
how to fix Google Image Mismatch penalty

Google Image Mismatch penalty
Suddenly your traffic is down? And you got a message in Webmaster tool in manual penalty side wide and partially Image Mismatch.

Don’t worry I am here for you. ūüôā so cool down. First Read this short article about the image mismatch penalty.

These are the mistakes of Google image mismatch penalty. We can stop Other to leech the bandwidth.

My Personal Experience.

I have researched it. Let me tell you the exact cause of this issue. What we can’t do and Why we hit by a penalty.

Reasons for the penalty.

1:- In Google image Search When we search an image there is an option and a preview.
a) In Preview of the image, many people show (Click here for High Resolution) … Google never allow manipulating Image.
b) View Page || View Image

View Image:- We have to show the Image… We can’t redirect it to that Same image page or otherwise, you will punish.

Now am not getting that Why Google is doing this?? If Google image really Want to Help Us then let give us traffic. Why they need to Show VIEW IMAGE option. Visit Page is Enough for it.

Without our knowledge, They are doing this. When we use hotlink Suppose we got 100 Users but after removing the hotlink We got 8 to 9 users.
Now see the huge difference between a drop of users. We are not getting Much profit.

Many of Us are fully Depend on Google Search. Almost Our Income Drop to a Poor Level where we can’t survive. Even Our bandwidth taking lecher .
In a Manual penalty, We are not getting The Reply in short period. You have to wait for 3 weeks and more.


1:- Check your website for Google image search by site:http://www.yourwebsite.tld
replace your website with your domain name and tld to your domain extension.

2:- Remove your hotlink protection.

That’s it after this apply the form given in webmaster tool under manual penalty.

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