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What is love ?

What is love ?

Love is something which cant be expressed in words but as far as I am concerned, Love is basically a trust we have on the other person. We love our parents because we trust them. We know they will always stand for us at every stage of their life.

Now-a-days we see allot of people in love, basically they get the tag of ‘ relationship’. Love is not only getting this tag, but it is more than words.

Love is only a true feeling which we can express to our loving one. Either by just giving a hug or gifting a diamond ring. These are the ways we show our love to the other person, to make him / her feel special, to make them feel and to thank them for being in our life. When u get a person in your life , you feel so special. You feel someone is there who will be by your side to support you , to hold you at your weak stages of life. Who will always motivate you to go ahead , who will stand for you when you need support and find yourself weak.

A husband and wife cant live together if they don’t have love between them. I would like to discuss a point here. Marriage is not done for just having control on each other or for intimating and fulfilling your needs of body. Marriage is a pure relation which can only work for years if you have trust on each other and the most you love each other and never have the aim to cheat. You don’t get any license to hurt the other person because he or she is married to you.

husband and wife love
husband and wife love

Physical relationship is only a part of love. Again its just the way to show your love and affection to the other person. By showing your love to your loving one, makes your relationship more strong and excited as it was in the beginning.

It is truly said :->

lovers best moment
lovers best moment

“If a girl is in love you can see it on her face

If a boy is in love you can see it in his eyes”

A boy who truly loves someone doesn’t show his feelings so openly. He always hides his love.

Though he misses her girl allot but he will never admit that he missed her.

Though he cares allot for her but he will never admit that he cares for her the most. He scolds her for her wrong works, he may never allow her to go alone or be alone but still he may never admit.

And the girl who understand the unsaid words is truly in love with that boy.

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